FACC June Organizational Meeting

It’s time for the June meeting of the Fort Adult Care Consortium, taking place on Tuesday, June 11th, at 10:00 AM at the Dwight Foster Public Library, 209 Merchant Street in Fort Atkinson, WI. Copies of the agenda for the meeting are attached to this message, and the minutes from our previous meetings are available for download on the FACC website listed below.

This month, we expect a more focused meeting. Our primary issue will be the updates to the City Zoning application form, and we hope to have an update from the City on those changes. Based on our successful test last month, the June meeting will also be available as a Zoom web meeting / conference call for those of you struggling with the conflict of wanting to be involved while meeting direct resident needs. This month, we will still have a limit on our online numbers (which we expect to lift shortly), so please contact me directly if you’d like to participate this month, so I can walk you through the technical requirements for this process.

As always, if there is information you would like distributed for discussion during our next meeting, forward them to me via email a week before our next meeting for inclusion. Copies of previous minutes and agendas are available on the FACC website, available in the Documents link above.

See you on June 11th!

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