DHS Offers Tools To Prevent Social Media Caregiver Misconduct

From DHS, DQA, Office of Caregiver Quality

The following resources have been developed for use by facilities to raise awareness among staff in order to prevent occurrences of caregiver misconduct through the use of handheld devices:

  • Snapping Pics Puts Your Job At Risk (Livestream, help) –This video depicts a scenario of a caregiver who is contemplating taking a picture of a peacefully sleeping resident to share with her co-worker. It highlights the potential consequences of this action, including being suspended from her job and being placed on the Caregiver Misconduct Registry.
  • Animated Infographic (Livestream, help) –This two minute informational video highlights what happens when a possible incident of caregiver misconduct occurs. DHS recommends this video be used as a follow up to the Snapping Pics Puts Your Job At Risk video.
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